What people who worked with me are saying!

Rachel was my executive coach for a meaningful period of time in 2016-17. As my coach, Rachel helped to bring a strategic perspective to my career that was otherwise defined mostly by quarterly & annual milestones. I would heartily recommend Rachel for all executives looking for a more holistic approach to their career growth.

Vinod Chikkareddy – Regional Business Head , SAP

It was a wonderful experience working with Rachel through SAP’s leadership mentoring program. Rachel has an effortless style of coaching which is backed by rich experience. I found the complete experience extremely relevant & valuable. Rachel is a super Executive Coach whom I would recommend to leaders across the spectrum without hesitation. Here’s wishing her even more success in her craft

Vijayant Rai – Head BFSI , Microsoft

Rachel was my coach during a career transition she helped me to prepared for 6 months. Rachel follows the ICF certified methodology and has very gentle touch but she also knows when to poke you to keep you on track to meet your objective.
Rachel is very used to work with other cultures and working remotely by Skype is not a problem. I recommend Rachel as coach for senior level managers.

Serge Dougoud – Director of Product Development, 3D Printer at Zeepro

I hired Rachel as a Coach just as I started moved from a small organisation to an MNC. I suddenly found myself unsure of how I wanted to do things. With Rachel’s help I got back into a confident and strong approach and was able to deliver great results which were acknowledged by all in the Company. Rachel’s coaching helped me greatly in strengthening my career and leadership.

Paula R – VP-Sales EMEA- An MNC dealing in Photography Hardware

Rachel was my executive coach for about 1.5 years. It was wonderful experience with Rachel as she has effortless coaching style which makes you think on your development areas in more than one way. She has unique skill of making you think deep on your focus areas. Apart from coaching she is a great listener who also challenges and questions you at the same time. I am thankful to my company’s management who nominated me for the executive coaching program and gave me an opportunity to work with Rachel. Overall it was a great and fulfilling experience.

Ajay Goyal –  Engineering Manager – Infineon Technologies

Rachel was my coach. Coaching with Rachel was a revelation. Rachel has a very strong system of questioning, which really triggered my thought process. Rachel pushed me to think deep. You question and seek answers yourself by thinking deep. Another good thing was to look at yourself from perspectives of others. Wonderful experience. Thanks Rachel

Shailesh Sapale – Sr. Vice President – Global Corporate Business – India at NIIT Limited

I worked with Rachel for 6 months. Rachel has been a very effective coach and has helped me discover new facets of my working style which clearly helped me in managing certain professional imperatives. She is able to modulate her coaching techniques to the individual’s style of working and thereby able to effect changes faster. I would recommend Rachel to any Professional who is keen to take their professional effectiveness and career growth to the next level..

Ravi Krishnamurthy – Senior VP  Operations – Summit IT

Rachel is a coach par comparison. I have been coaching with her for the past 2 years. When I do a session with her I find myself coming up with solutions and ideas which are creative and have helped my business go from a small startup to a national brand. She encourages me to stretch my imagination and think beyond the obvious. As my revenues continue to grow I know I will continue to work with Rachel and go on broadening my horizons

S.M. CEO of a Food Product in Sweden

She listens without interrupting, gently guides and ever so subtly creates your vision for you. That’s Rachel- intuitive, inspiring and intelligent!  She converts your “I should do” to “I am doing”. No and Impossible aren’t the words she is fond of and that is why she is so inspiring.   She understands you, empathises with you but doesn’t let you wallow. She doesn’t do much talking and in that lies her power and clarity of thought. With few words, she makes you see what you need to do, where the problem lies and helps you see the road ahead. No long drawn dialogues or philosophical musings, just simple soul searching is what she lets you indulge in and that works wonders! It surely has for me!

Sudha Jain – Founder – Wordsforyourthoughts.com

I had the privilege of being coached by Rachel. I stand testimony to the fact that the coaching is result-oriented and at the same time a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I recommend her in particular for her approach. She was a very active listener devising specific actionable items and the desired outcomes for each of the sessions. This helped me cope with and then successfully manage the dynamics of the new market I’m into (I’m in IT Sales and had shifted my domain from handling overseas markets to the Indian Market). Increased confidence, achieving set Goals, becoming a consistent performer are just a few of the end-results of Rachel’s coaching.

Vinodh R – Business Development Manager- Vitage Systems

Rachel was my coach during the last 4 months. Rachel was a good listener and was both challenging and understanding at the same time. I received a lot of personal learnings from this coaching and was able to pursue a concrete action plan to improve my life. And even it was a Skype coaching (only voice), I felt connected with Rachel from the beginning. Thank you, Rachel!

Bieke Dewulf, Independent Professional Coach

Rachel was my coach in the Coaching in the Round initiative of the HP Coaching Network, and she was crucial in helping and supporting me to draw a plan to my career shift towards coaching and NeuroLeadership.Her coaching was supportive, yet with powerful and focused questions that made me generate insights and ideas that set the basis of my future career. Rachel was also very helpful in the preparation of my application to the ICF credential.I highly recommend Rachel as a key member of the HP Coaching Network, since she has the power to support HP Leaders Development with her great coaching practice.

Jose Souza – Chief Success Officer at YES- You Ensure Success

Working with Rachel was a rich experience. I left every session with clear action steps and I learned to be specific about my goals. Because of her powerful questions, her ability to listen to what is not being said, and the fact that she always encouraged me to more specific about my goals, meetmyI achieved my goals for the Coaching engagement and I left with a “moving forward plan” which is extremely helpful. Rachel has outstanding coaching skills, she is insightful, and she has an excellent presence. I highly recommend Rachel!

Rosalinda Torres – Founder – Rosalinda Torres Coaching and Consulting

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