The Optimising Excellence Process

The 7 Step Optimising Excellence Process

The 7 Step Optimising Excellence Process

Optimising Excellence is an experiential process. Typically I contract for a minimum of 6-8 session. In its most basic form process follows the below 7 steps:

1. Identify and clarify goals: This is the most important part of the process because if you don’t know what you want you will never know if you have achieved it. I spend a good amount of time understanding what you really want. On the surface, this may seem like a very simple thing but often when the client spends time and focus on a goal the clarity itself can generate solutions not thought of before.

2. Understand challenges: Challenges can vary from the ones that are visible and evident to everyone to the ones that are specific to a client only. These can include difficult relationships, perceptions about a goal or even something as basic as not believing that the goal is achievable. At this time I will also identify gaps between where the client is and where the client needs or wants to be

3. Identify limiting beliefs: I will help you understand the goal and the underlying challenges by separating what is real and what is perceived. Often we carry beliefs in our subconscious about ourselves and the world that serve no purpose than to be a hindrance in our success. In our sessions, I will listen closely for verbal and body language that tells me about these beliefs. I will gently generate awareness of these beliefs and help you decide if there is need to hold on to these or let them go.

4. Identify self-sabotaging behaviour: Often our behaviour and purpose are at loggerheads with each other preventing us from generating the outcomes we want. I will help you become aware of these behaviours and develop strategies to deal with them.

5. Build success strategy: Before you reach a goal you need to get to a mental state where you see that happening. My job is to help you move into a mental state of power and controlled then build the actual plan that you will devise to achieve the outcome you want with timelines, actions and deliverables. At this time I will ask for more intentional thought, action, and behaviour changes than the client would have ever asked of him or herself.

6. Build accountability: I will help you become accountable not to me but to yourself. This will mean delivering on the plan as per the decided timelines and achieving outcomes. This can require building of the structure and support necessary to ensure sustained commitment

7. Review and calibrate: I aim to create lasting results. All achievements and personal transformation that you achieve is for you to be able to sustain with minimum effort. This change happens only when there is an alignment of values, purpose and identity. We will continue to make changes to your plan to help you get lasting results.

We will meet at regular intervals, virtually or face-to-face. The key to the process is that it is always the client’s agenda. I work from the premise that the client has all the resources to achieve their goals and my job is to enable the client to become aware of these resources and then to use them effectively.

Is it really that simple?

Yes and no

The process is simple, yes, but nothing about humans is that simple. We all operate at many levels and are at conflict within ourselves and the environment all the time. Not many of us realise it but these conflicts can be as basic as our behaviour not aligning to our purpose. I may want my team to do well but constantly yelling at them may not be the best behaviour to get that outcome. Conflicts often arise within our values, beliefs, the environment, our purpose and our behaviours. Often a lot of this happens at our subconscious level and may be a result of past programming of our thoughts.

I use various Coaching and NLP techniques to help the client reach the outcomes they want. Since each client is so different the approach is highly customised to suit each individual depending on what would work best.

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