3 steps to start breaking free when you are feeling stuck in a rut

stuckWe all go through phases in life when we feel stuck.

Getting stuck  generally happens when:

  • You are emotionally part of the situation and are not able to look at it objectively.
  • There are negative emotions attached like anger, frustration, boredom.
  • You feel you have no power/control on what’s happening.

It could be in your career or business or in your personal life but the feeling is pretty much the same. Of being caught in a situation where you feel you have limited control in breaking out.

Below are some powerful ways to break out if you are feeling stuck


1.Take back your power and the responsibility:

When we start feeling stuck it is easy to fall into a victim mindset or accept the feeling of no control. It then becomes a vicious cycle of getting further pulled into the situation and feeling an even lower level of control. The first step is to connect back to the most powerful version of yourself. Ask yourself, “When I am feeling powerful, who am I?” We all have moments of strength and weakness. Taking on a more powerful mindset puts you in a more resourceful state where you find it easier to find solutions. Understand that the situation is not you. Like everything in life, it is temporary and will change.

2. Define unstuck:

If you are feeling stuck, dissatisfied or lost first start by defining what you want instead and why. If you were not feeling stuck how would you be feeling? What would you be doing? How would you be doing it? We often know what we don’t want but sometimes shifting focus to what we do want instead can help you find the way out. Clearly define for yourself, what you want instead.

3. Step out and ask what’s different:

As Einstien said; “you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.”Often our emotions make it difficult to think clearly about a situation. Imagine stepping out of the situation and as if it were happening to someone else. What would you tell them to do? How would you ask them to address the situation? If you were younger/ older would you do things differently? Now take the first step, however small, towards fixing the situation.


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